Monday, October 27, 2008


My friend Kat asked me to let her know immediately whenever I stumbled upon great values while shopping for wine. She told me this after thoroughly enjoying a delicious and very inexpensive Vouvray I brought for a little get-together at her home some time ago. It was the 2006 Michel Picard Vouvray. I paid $8.99 at Cost Plus World Market, and all of us were duly impressed. Floral notes on the nose accompanied roasted hazelnuts on the tongue, with a pleasant, slightly bitter finish. Some background info: Vouvray is a wine from the Loire region of France, made from the white Chenin Blanc grape. It’s one thing for a wine to cost less than 10 bucks and be good, but it’s quite another to cost less than 10 and be really enjoyable. Buy it for yourself or anyone you know who loves white wines.

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