Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wine + Technology = Yay!

A brand new wine bar opened up in Decatur, GA called Tastings. They’re a franchise operation originating in Florida and their big draw is a wine serving technology manufactured by Enomatic (made in Italy—is there any surprise there?). Bottles stand in neat rows, each with a plastic straw inside it, which dispenses wine in measured pours: tasting, a half-glass, or a full glass. You insert their pre-paid card into the machine and take your pick of how much to sample. It’s a playful, Dave & Buster’s-like approach to wine tasting—and I had a blast. Selections included over 100 wines ranging from budget-friendly ones at $1.70 per tasting to a Barolo priced at a whopping $10 per tasting (and $45 per full glass! Yeah, impress your date with that one!) Tastings brings in new wines every week so you can go often and not get bored with the wines offered. A retail wall of closed bottles means you can take something home with you, and a small bistro menu means you won’t have to record your tasting notes over a rumbling tummy. Does your date love wine but you’d prefer a brewski instead? They have a bar with some lovely nice beers on tap and spirits too, not to mention cigars!

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G said...

Um, why are we not there right now?
This just make me move back...

I can just give them my paycheck every week.